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"Take the Money and Chill" • Moonstone, Diamond and Aquamarine Coin Necklace

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This is our sensual version of the little blue pill, but prettier. Moonstone, known for it's vibrant, color-changing properties is a mineral with nourishing, sensual and healing energies.  This is the perfect piece for every occasion. Yes, we'll take two!

This selection is for a delicate moonstone and aquamarine rosary chain with polki diamond and aquamarine charm, raw aquamarine and a antique gold coin.  The length is approximately 20-22 inches.

  • Moonstone and Aquamarine Rosary Chain
  • Polki Diamond and Aquamarine Charm
  • Raw Aquamarine
  • Antique Gold Coin
  • Approximate Length is 20-22 inches