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MEET HARPER HALLAM • A Jewelry & Lifestyle Brand

Harper Hallam is a what, not a who 

Harper Hallam is a Dallas-based lifestyle and jewelry brand from Rebecca Hallam and Tara DePompei.  

They design for women like them -- perpetually over-scheduled and needing a brand that meets the balance of incomparable quality, trend-setting fashion, timeless appeal and price-point accessibility. 

Sometimes it is the Splurge and sometimes it is the Steal. 

The Backstory

Harper Hallam has been the fourth child of Rebecca Hallam for over 15 years -- ever since she caught the eye of leading boutiques and stylists with her personal collection of jewelry she had designed herself. 

"Harper" is from Rebecca's maiden name and "Hallam" is from her married name at the time that she began operations.  She has been cultivating a cult following ever since. 

Not Standing Still

Recently, with the addition of Tara as her Chief Operations Officer, Rebecca seeks to bring their combined point-of-view to the forefront of the fashion world, aware that there are countless women like them needing a brand like Harper Hallam. 

Let's keep it light

Rebecca and Tara bring a light-hearted and creative element to quality pieces that are timeless and fashion-forward, bucking the trend of mass-produced one-size fits all.  Their current collections include

    • Resting Beach Face • HH Resort
    • A Girl’s Best Friend • HH Diamonds
    • Show Me the Money • HH Coin Jewelry
    • Golden Goose • HH Gold Jewelry
    • When in Rome • HH Ancient
    • Exes & Ohs • HH Timeless Faves
    • Charmed, I’m Sure • HH Charm Designs

Coming Soon

Rebecca and Tara have also introduced a new Lifestyle Collection called “HH (UN)Basics,” believing that every woman needs focus pieces in her closet to elevate her basics. 

Elevator Speech. Go.

All in all, Rebecca and Tara believe that

  • Every woman is doing the best that she can.
  • Every woman needs BFFs to get her through this thing called life.
  • No woman needs to have it all figured out to look good.