MEET REBECCA HALLAM • CEO, Chief Creative Officer & Founding Partner


Who is she?

Rebecca Hallam is a Dallas-based designer, entrepreneur and single mom, who also manages a daughter in college, twin boys in middle school, and a large community of family and friends. Over shouts of boys playing video games, bouts of ADHD and a household that can sometimes resemble Grand Central Station, Rebecca creates and designs for women like her – perpetually over-scheduled and needing a brand that meets the balance of incomparable quality, trend-setting fashion, timeless appeal and price-point accessibility.

How did she get started?

Her reputation as an accomplished designer started early in her teenage years when she could often be found designing and re-designing pieces in her wardrobe to better reflect her engaging personality and her keen sense of fabrication and proportion.

While summering years later in San Miguel de Allende, Rebecca combined her innovative and creative spirit for design with her ability to talk to a brick wall.  She met a family of artisans and shared with them sketches she had made re-designing her grandmother’s jewelry.  The resulting pieces fused her Mexican heritage with couture and began what was to become her unique style in redefining classic silhouettes.

Where did Harper Hallam come from?

After that summer, Rebecca returned to Dallas with her new jewelry designs, soon gaining the notice of premier boutiques and leading stylists. 

And Harper Hallam was born -- "Harper" from her maiden name and "Hallam" from her married name at the time.