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(UN)BASIC CLOSET • Everyday Focus Pieces

Our closets are filled with basics with the recent "talk" trending to investing in those neutral Must-Haves. 
Well, Rebecca & Tara believe that those basics can get pretty old pretty fast.  So let's keep you feeling pretty and fresh with the (Un)Basics -- focus pieces that you also MUST-HAVE in your closet that elevate your basics.
More coming soon . . . 

(UN)BASIC OUTSIDE ◊ Coats & Jackets

Outside is the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style & elevate your basics.
Rebecca & Tara want to keep you feeling pretty, stylish & savvy the (Un)Basics -- focus pieces that you also MUST-HAVE that elevate your style.
More coming soon . . . 

A GIRL'S BFF • Diamond Jewelry

Anniversary Gifts

AQUAMARINE • Truth & Letting Go

BRACELETS & MORE • All in the Wrist

Not a lot of time on your hands? Efficient, yet, distinctive style is all in the wrist

Bracelets. Cuffs. Bangles.  They literally take less than 30 seconds to add.  Furthermore, they are forgiving with respect to your outfit's color story and silhouette. 

Needless to say, Rebecca and Tara will always ensure you have great options from Harper Hallam. xoxoxo

Bridal Gifts

CHARMED, I'M SURE • Charm & Pendant Jewelry

Gems, symbols, metals evocative of the spirit and charm of Harper Hallam. Strong when needed & soft when deserved.

Whether seeking Prince Charming or a Charmed Life, the Harper Hallam woman will be ready for whatever life brings her (which will hopefully be Meghan Markle's book on how to snag a prince . . .)

DIAMONDS • Forever Unbreakable

EARRINGS • Attention to Detail

Look Like You Have Time in the Morning . . . when, in reality, you may not
Whether stud or statement, earrings exude to others self-care and an attention to detail that is important in a woman's world today.  If you do not have the time to change earrings everyday, find a pair of favorite studs and then only make a statement on Saturday night with your +1.

EXES AND OHS • Timeless Faves



FIRST LOOK • New Arrivals for HH (UN)Basics

FIRST LOOK • New Arrivals in Jewelry

Have 10 minutes (if that?) and need to know what's new in jewelry? 

Here is the latest from Rebecca and Tara in one place from every Harper Hallam Collection - from rings to Chica Chic, from cuffs to Resting Beach Face.

We get it and we have your back, friend!  If someone has not told you yet today, you are AMAZING! 

Gifts $500+ • Invest in her

Are you needing something that shows her that you have invested your belief, your confidence, or your love?  Rebecca and Tara have provided many options below for you! 

These are not the only items at this price-point, however.  So feel free to peruse!  She's worth it!

Gifts under $100 • Unexpected

Gifts are gifts at every level and Rebecca & Tara work hard at ensuring that their line is relatable for every need, as long as the primary need is for quality & design!

Gifts under $500 • Send the right message

From marking an occasion to "just because", these pieces from Rebecca & Tara will surely send the right message!

Graduation Gifts • Remind her of this Achievement Everyday

Rebecca and I always love our jewelry to tell a story - whether it makes a woman feel good, or it creates a conversation or it sparks a memory & feeling.  

Marking graduation with a piece of jewelry will spark that feeling of achievement and confidence for a woman every time that she puts it on.   

HH (UN)BASIC WOMEN • Success does not mean having it all figured out

One thing that consistently occurs to me is that women have a shared feeling of not being good enough.  Yet, the more women I meet, the more I see that we are all going through something. 

Rebecca and I are passionate about bringing to our HH Insiders the real stories of these women, and we like to call them HH (UN)Basic Women.

Yes. They look all figured out and they mostly do. But that is something to be inspired and motivated by rather than using it as a reason to shame ourselves.

HH STEALS (versus the Splurge)

We always say, sometimes we are the Splurge and sometimes we are the Steal!

The price-points here allow you to grab one for your each of your girl tribe, too.  And if you do . . . are you open to expanding your tribe to include two blonde jewelry designers? Asking for a friend.

LABRADORITE • Protection & Self-discovery



MOONSTONES • Intuition & Feminine Strength

Mother's Day Ideas & Flash Sale

The woman deserves something nice.  She pees when she laughs because of you.

To help out, we are offering a 24 hour Flash Sale in honor of Mom.  Every piece with Heart or Love in the title is 40% off!

* 1pm May 10, 2019 CDT to 1pm May 11, 2019 CDT 

NECKLACES & MORE • Be Neck and Neck

Women are busy and it does not look like our lives are slowing down anytime soon.  Rebecca and Tara are passionate about Harper Hallam necklaces being easy to complete your outfit depending on need, without much planning or time. 

And, in case you did not realize it -- you ARE Mrs. Jones.  Others try to keep up with you and your gorgeous self!

OPALS • Empathy & Clarity

PENDANTS & CHARMS • Miss Independent


Embrace your inner "Beach Face" with Harper Hallam's Resort Collection in hues of blues, greens and yellows that make you hear the waves crashing, feel the heat of the sun reflecting off the sand and the cool breeze on your face and taste the salt on your Margarita, Princezza . . .

RINGS • Talk with Your Hands

Harper Hallam brings a whole new meaning to talking with your hands
Do you love to talk with your hands? Rebecca and Tara do too!  And they like to do so in style with a carefully-selected collection of rings -- from delicate to large statement rings.  In any event, talking with your hands has never been so gorgeous or welcome! 

ROCK IT TO ME • Gems & Geode Jewelry

Harper Hallam is known for its distinctive designs using gems and geodes of a multitude of styles, creating a unique look that has everyone wondering how you have it all figured out - when in reality, no one does.      

SAPPHIRES • Wisdom, Royalty & Divine Power

SHOP THE FEED • From Insta or FB

Were you scrolling through Insta or FB late one night and see a piece you MUST-HAVE and are now looking for it? 
Umm yeah, been there, done that . . . Have no fear!  Shop the Feed shows here shows the items that we post on FB or Insta.  If you still cannot find it, reach out!  We love to chat (as long as it is not about calculus).
xoxo Rebecca & Tara

SHOW ME THE MONEY • Coin Jewelry

Coins are the ultimate in exuding strength with a touch of femininity.
Rebecca and Tara have always viewed coins as an interesting statement that can exude strength, with a touch of femininity, which is perfect for the modern woman.  As a result, thrilled is an understatement that they are seeing coin jewelry have its moment!



THE CHICA CHIC COLLECTION • Our Modern Twist on Tradition

The roots of Harper Hallam began on Rebecca's family ranch in Mexico with her grandmother ("Abuelita"), a woman who entertained A-list crowds with her turbans and long cigarettes and whose style transcended time. And that is what Harper Hallam is -- a style that transcends time and place. 

With this collection and its "Shakira meets Auntie Mame in the Hamptons" vibe, you can go from work to poolside to White Party with ease.  

TOURMALINE • Stress Relief & Patience

TURQUOISE • Communication

WHEN IN ROME • Ancient and Byzantine Jewelry


Trends to Timeless.  Effortlessly Cool to LBD. 
Inspired by Fashion Weeks from NYC to Milan, Harper Hallam created a Fall/Winter Collection that can meet every woman where she is at.  From running errands to meeting with an important client to meeting her +1 for dinner, our pieces can translate to any fashion story.