This past Friday, which happened to be Good Friday of Easter Weekend, Tara and I had the honor of being invited as guests on the show, "The Southern Fried Tea." 
Click on here to watch us on Southern Fried Tea.
As expected, Tara and I loved, loved, loved chatting with the AMAZE Jennette Chivvas about one of our fave topics (other than who has had the most plastic surgery in Hollywood) Harper Hallam and our partnership! 
What was unexpected was Jeannette's fresh take on Good Friday as a message to us in everyday life  -- and it has stuck.  Namely, that we all have those "Fridays" where things are uncertain and life seems bleak.  But then there inevitably comes a Sunday, such as Easter Sunday, which brings good news.
God knows we’ve all had our own horrible "Good Friday" during which everything goes south.  You think things can’t get worse. And then they do. It seems that everything is so cloudy and uncertain that not even wine therapy can fix these deep-dives (and the Eucharistic Minister knows we have tried).
However,  Jeanette pointed out that in those dark times, we need to hold on to the promise that our personal "easter sundays" and resurrections are right around the corner.  We will either get a burst of hope from those "ah-ha" moments of clarity or we hear the comforting words that only family or a best friend can offer.  For instance, my mom always says, 
“Everything comes to pass. Nothing comes to stay."
I have found myself keeping those words of wisdom in my mind lately as my deep-dives come in all shapes and sizes.  Honestly amigas, these small shifts in thought can make an enormous impact on how we perceive the rather inglorious days. They are bound to happen to all of us.  It's our job to remember that no matter how grim the situation may seem, it too shall pass and our lives are filled with people who have our backs in case the storm lasts a little longer than we expect.
(Can someone please be sure and remind me of this little nugget of knowledge the next time the shit hits the fan for me? I’m a work in progress… LOL)
Cheers to our Sundays!