TRUST YOUR VIBE • It can take you to unexpected places

What is your vibe?

Our process of designing goodies for a new collection always requires two things : drinking wine and focusing on a vibe.   

In August and September, when it is 200 degrees outside and hideous here in Texas, Tara and I crank down the AC to 59 (#truth) and put on sweaters, blankets and a fire. We channel winter, Aspen, apres ski and things deliciously fall. 

So it’s only right that in December and January we tap into our inner Spring Break vibe by sitting around in our bikinis and remembering the wild spring break trips we had when we were young. (Sidebar: Just kidding about the bikinis - although it might have helped to ward off the evils of queso . . .)

This year, I had the pleasure of spending some time in the British Virgin Islands and had a particularly great time on the beaches of St. Martin  - especially, the nude side ;). That was an eye-opener… not sure if it was eye-opening in a good way, but my eyes were certainly opened!  However, I am still hoping everyone else’s eyes were closed as I tanned, sipped and ate topless at a nude restaurant.

I kept telling myself how open minded, cool, and uncaring I was. Because the more you tell yourself something, the more true it becomes, right?

In actuality, I needed about 2 more drinks to get comfy having conversations with nude strangers. I kept hoping that they were focusing on my coin necklaces, reflecting the beautiful blue hues of the Caribbean Sea and sky, rather than my mismatched boobies.   (I bet you did not see the benefit of distraction in order to up your topless game with your Harper Hallam pieces, did you?) All and all, I came back tan and on total Spring Break mindset.

And that vibe resonated, inspiring our beach collection, which Tara and I coquettishly called "Resting Beach Face" - a/k/a me when the coffee runs out.

You will see that this collection for Spring 2019 evokes all things Caribbean - blues, turquoise, sunshine, sand and salt (did someone say margarita?). It calls for nothing more than a cold drink and simple t-shirt to elude a super chic vibe. Or scratch both and use a piece from our Spring 2019 “Resting Beach Face” collection as an eye-catching distraction on nude beach.

Trust me it works. And it just goes to show that your vibe can take you many places  . . . 

- Kisses -