Travel Tips with Tara | Successful Business Trips Unravelled

One of the best parts about being an entrepreneur is choosing your coworkers. There is something truly amazing about getting to work with your best friend every single day. And something even more spectacular about getting to travel together on a "business trip" to wine country...Did someone say Pinot Grigio? This isn't to say that Rebecca and I don't struggle. There are times when we both get irritated as all humans can, but we share similar values that allow ourselves to bounce back and shake out of it which makes up the foundation of our working together.

At the beginning of this month, Rebecca and I went to California to show off our latest summer pieces at the Hillsborough Garden Show. Now you may ask, what's the ultimate secret to traveling with a coworker? And I will always answer with two things: keep it light and know your timing.

Keep It Light

Keeping track of the trunk show inventory and making sure the family back home doesn't explode while you're gone make work trips stressful enough. The last thing anyone needs is a stressed out coworker adding to the list of things to deal with. With this in mind...I think it's a given that as soon as we got to the airport, we both headed straight to the bar while waiting for our flight to board. Our driver seemed to be extremely confused (and a tiny bit annoyed) as he picked us up from the airport to find Rebecca and I in one of those fits of laughter that you can only get into with your best friend.

We are serious business women who don't like to take ourselves too seriously.

Know Your Timing

On the other hand, the opposite stands true. All play and no work will leave us broke (then who will pay for our wine), so Rebecca and I have a steadfast rule for these events.

Work hard. Play hard. So we can afford to drink hard.

It's important to know your timing and audience, and this is the true key to our success as business partners. We both recognize when it's time to buckle down and grind in order to realize all the goals and milestones we both have for Harper Hallam. But, we also try to keep it light and joke with one another along the way because what's life without a little fun and a laugh to get you through the tough times.

To see more about our trip, click here to watch our Hillsborough, California travel vlog.

Always remember that you don't need to have it all figured out to look like you do.