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THIS IS HOW SH!T GETS DONE . . . or maybe not

Posted by Rebecca Hallam on

Umm yeah.  This was the start of my list today . . . 

1. Place order for our Kick A$$ Metallic Jackets (that you all want). 

Tara and I sit down with our order.  An hour and a half later we realize that we only have one size ordered because we got distracted by new fabric swatches that came in for the lining our Cell Phone Crossbody Handbags, which then lead to needing to send out emails to a few bloggers who wanted to know when they are coming in, which lead to a phone call from one of our vendors . . .  

It is now 4 hours later and we still need to complete it.  So this is how business gets done when you are Website Manager, Social Media VP, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Vendor Relations Officer, etc etc.

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