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GOOD MOJO FROM GEMS: Seriously, check out their meanings!

Posted by Rebecca Hallam on

K.  The Holidays and that whole New Year thing going on can put all us in a bit of a funk.  Tired. Disbelief as to how quickly time is passing.  Belief in a fresh starting 1.1.2019.  Soooooo let's give it as much good mojo as we can!

Women (and men!) have ornamented themselves with gemstones for many thousands of years and have ascribed mystical meanings to them. I find the symbolism and purported powers of stones fascinating and thought I’d share some of my favorites:


Agate: strength, protection from nightmares
Amethyst: wisdom, mental clarity, intuition, sobriety
Blue Topaz: courage, fidelity, overcoming obstacles
Carnelian: courage, motivation, vitality
Chalcedony: protection against hostility and melancholy
Citrine: optimism, mental acuity, patience, prosperity
Diamonds: love, purity, power, eternity
Jade: serenity, good fortune, prosperity
Jasper: confidence, power, compassion
Kyanite: calm, spiritual clarity, alleviation of anger
Labradorite: imagination, intuition, enthusiasm
Lapis Lazuli: wisdom, harmony, friendship
Moonstone: inspiration, psychic abilities, wish fulfillment
Onyx: determination, perseverance
Ruby: health, vitality, good fortune, love
Sapphire: peace, happiness, insight, prayer
Smoky Quartz: endurance, serenity, positive thoughts
Tourmaline: inspiration, concentration, self-confidence
Turquoise: friendship, success, love

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