Girl Watch Your Face...

In a meeting this week, I thought I had my boss lady game face on. She was in the zone, making decisions left and right with her let's-get-sh!t-done face. Later, our intern and I finally broke the news to her that it was coming off as more of a STFU face.

Me: What's wrong?

Tara: What do you mean?

Me: look angry...

And that was the moment Tara discovered she suffer from the chronic disease of resting b!t#h face. And the sad truth is: there are millions of ladies still out there who have yet to be diagnosed for their RBF. 

What she called an "I agree. What's next?" face, others were interpreting as something else...Whether in car pool or meetings, us ladies can sometimes lack the self-awareness of what face we are putting on for the world. Self-awareness is a skill that we are constantly improving, so it's up to close friends and vodka to help you get to know yourself a little better everyday.

That's why The Resting Beach Face is my favorite collection yet. It has movement and all the colors I love -aquas, greens and golds. This collection is perfect with your swimsuit, boyfriend jeans and a white tee, summer cocktail dress and all your various faces too ;). So, hold tight to the people that help you grow in self-awareness (including the vodka).

PS. I recently took the whole Resting Beach Face collection to the beach for spring break and was feeling very extra wearing HH jewelry while reading under my umbrella. I determined that this collection also comes with hand signals that were regularly used when my kids approached – starts with one firmly raised index finger in the air, signaling BE QUIET; followed by a slow rotation of said index finger over my lips, again signaling QUIET, followed by me picking up my frozen piña collada. Now that is my real Resting Beach Face.

---Hugs--- Harper Hallam Real Talk Blog Designer Jewelry Resort