Moonstone & Pearls: The Two Stones You Should Be Wearing This Month

With us well into Gemini season, it's time to show off your true June colors.The month of June has two famous stones throughout this hot time of year: the pearl and the moonstone. And lucky for you, we've has got you covered. You can find all your favorite June stones here at Harper Hallam. Who knows, maybe some luck might even come out of it.

The pearl symbolizes wisdom through experience *cough cough* which means alternating water with wine now that we are getting older. But it also has some non-alcohol related bonuses. The pearl symbolizes purity, generosity, integrity and loyalty...yeah yeah that's all great and all, but what we really care about is that how the pearl is known to attract wealth and good luck (proceeds to immediately spend all her money buying pearls).

Whether you style it with some jeans and a basic top or your favorite little black dress, pearls are an all-time classic that are making a major come back. If your jewelry box isn't stocked with pearls like you wish they were, Harper Hallam has some adorable options without breaking the bank. (Click on the images to shop!)


Hawaii Pearl-Ohs Earrings                Three Drops of Ocean Bracelets                  Just Keep Breathing Drop Earrings              Elizabeth W by Harper Hallam Collection Necklace

Next up on the list for June is the moonstone. Where are all our blue-eyed babies out there? Besides making blue eyes stand out like no other, moonstone is also known for deeply enhancing feminine energy. So crank up that Ariana Grande and throw on some moonstone this summer because sources tell us "God is a Woman!"

Most importantly, moonstone is known for brining success and good fortune in love and business matters - something I think we could all use more of. Best part, its multi-color sheens and neutral base color make the moonstone flexible to everything in your closet. No matter what you wear, the moonstone's various sheens will automatically reflect the color to best compliment your outfit. Here are a couple of our moonstone favorites at Harper Hallam. (Click on the images to shop!)


It's True Blue Baby II Necklace              Not Your Steppin' Stone By Night Earrings           Gold Digger Moonlight Earrings            Stronger Than Diamonds Necklace

So, when you're in a tough spot and don't know what to wear during these hectic and hot summer days, reach for your pearl and moonstone accessories to help you look like you've got it all figured out.

Because remember, you don't need to have it all figured out to look like you do.