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BRITNEY 2006 DATELINE INTERVIEW • Not a Good Look for You, Tara

Posted by Tara DePompei on

As an entrepreneur, mom, wife, friend, volunteer, uber driver, psychologist, etc etc, it is rare that I have those mornings during which I feel that I have it all together.  This morning, however, I thought I had.

  • Kids fed, dressed & on-time (no tears)
  • Me worked-out, showered, did hair & make-up, donned new Veronica Beard suit ala Clueless & drove up to work well-ahead of my conference call (also no tears)

And then God laughed. 

After my face-time conference call with the CPAs and feeling all bad-a$$, I looked in the mirror because something did not feel right . . . Sure enough, my eyelash had become unglued and was dangling to the side. 

Classy, right?  Kinda like the time that I showed up to a IRS audit with Eva's baby spit-up on my shoulder . . .

But while these mishaps might seem big things at the time (slightly horrifying to say the least), perhaps it’s best if I started viewing such as things as baby spit up, late carpool and the unglued eyelash as badges of honor, showing that I’m succeeding rather than failing.  

After all, baby spit-up means that I am blessed with beautiful children.  Crow's feet mean that I laugh a lot. False eyelashes mean that I am finding time for me.  Being late for carpool means that I have a rewarding career that I love. 

So I’m curious — what are your badges of honor? 


Tara DePompei of Harper Hallam signature

 And might I say . . . I hope that I recover as well as Britney did. 



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