Welcome to the Anti-Social Social Club

Man, let me tell ya... I woke up with one hell of a hangover today, and it's not the kind you're expecting. The kind of hangover that only comes after wayyyy too much human interaction. The kind where your cheeks hurt from smiling and your brain is screaming on the inside from pretending to be way more agreeable than you actually are. I like to call it the people hangover.

Tara and I had such a fun day filled with back to back events, and though these days are fun, you're constantly juggling kids and work. It was exactly one of those whirlwind days that was so busy and crazy you couldn't help but feel like it was a Monday.

In the morning Tara and I got ready for one he!! of a day with the "asian persuasion touch" of Paige Anderson's makeup and hair team. Once she got us all dolled up, we were off to record a talk show, The Focus with Taylor Longacre about entrepreneurship (don't worry we'll give you the deets when it launches on Amazon Prime Video). In between trying to not to be awkward on camera, Tara and I were constantly checking to make sure that the kids weren't being stranded at school and had a carpool ride back home. Straight away we rushed back to the office to get everything ready for the Elizabeth W Collection launch party in benefit of the Junior League of Dallas.

Of course it's a given, that Tara and I are over the moon excited about all these things happening in favor of Harper Hallam, but it also takes an extreme about of work and makes us just want to crawl back into bed. I think that we can all relate to the feeling of always wanting to be invited to everything but not always wanting to go - especially during this crazy time of year! Sometimes Tara and I even like to call ourselves the anti-social social club. Don't get me wrong, it's not like we aren't happy and excited for all the fun events, but all of a sudden you become a mother and you have 1,001 things besides yourself to worry about. You have to think about babysitters, finals, projects, & 7th grade graduations - speaking of someone please explain to me why a 7th grader needs a graduation?!?

Image result for meme for not wanting to go to plans

Anyways, this all goes to show that you really don't need to have it all (or anything) figured out to look good.