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THE CHICA CHIC COLLECTION • The Roots of Harper Hallam started on Rebecca's family ranch in Mexico with a Woman in a Turban & Kitten Heels

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Sleeping in until two o'clock, sauntering around in a long robe and slippers is legit in my genes. Of course, when my tiny turban-wearing, diva of a grandmother did this, she did it as she did everything ... in style.

Mi Abuelita: Hostess & Style Icon  

When people discuss their grandmothers, they usually conjure up an image of a little old lady with knitting needles and chicken soup.  Ummm, not me. 

Mi Abuelita (my grandmother) was elegant, stylish, sophisticated and ultrachic. About mid-afternoon everyday, my grandmother would slide out of her satin sheets, toss on her boa-trimmed robe with coordinating boa-trim kitten heels, and saunter around the house with her extra long cigarette. 

Think Auntie Mame, Zsa Zsa Gabor or Miss Scarlet from Clue, but instead of a flat in New York City or a board-game mansion, she presided over a sprawling ranch in Mexico where she entertained an A-list crowd.


My mother recalls her being dressed every day as if the President of Mexico were coming to lunch or dinner, which was actually not far from the truth.  She was a divine entertainer, who would have hoards of people come to the ranch for days and days.  Food, entertainment and fashion were practical jokes with Father Bob there to bless all the sins that were committed. Seriously, my grandparents adopted two priests who they took with them EVERYWHERE. I cannot even imagine the shenanigans that the poor Padres saw - many a sinner and a saint or two partied on The Azulejo.


A picture of Rebecca's family ranch in Mexico. 

When it came time for me to design what became my first piece for Harper Hallam, I realized later that it was a necklace very similar to what Mi Abuelita would have worn, with her signature golden hues and Mexican coins becoming a primary inspiration for, not only our latest collection Chica Chic, but also Harper Hallam as a whole.

Sidebar moment: I shudder to think of what fashion legacy I am leaving to my precious daughter.  Maybe yoga pants and dry shampoo? (Note to self, I need to work on this...) 

Harper Hallam : A Brand Rooted in Culture, Tradition and Style

When Tara and I were working on the pillars of Harper Hallam as a brand, we discussed its roots, realizing that in this day of "Fast Fashion," we are unique. 

Harper Hallam has been a brand for almost 15 years with a staying power that is missing from other fashion houses today.  It is not based on fleeting styles but is inspired by a woman, whose style transcended time.  And that is what Harper Hallam is.

The Chica Chic Collection  

As a result of this realization, Tara and I have introduced The Chica Chic Collection, which pays homage to Mi Abuelita with "The Abuelita Diva" necklace with or without gems, along with the other golden Mexican chic pieces.

Picture of "Mi Abuelita by the Sea" • Coin Necklace with Green Amethyst

And I am proud to say that The Chica Chic Collection is perfect for any occasion this Summer - from pool-side chillin' to going to work to white parties. It has a "Shakira meets Auntie Mame in the Hamptons" vibe that can translate to all other parts of your life this Summer. 

So, my dear friends, as Mi Abuelita taught me, you do not need to have it all figured out to look good.  


Harper Hallam Chica Chic Rebecca Hallam

Harper Hallam Rebecca Hallam Chica Chic Summer Designer Jewelry

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