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Meet Rebecca Hallam

CEO and Head Designer

Taking cues from her Mexican heritage, Rebecca’s designs fuse together culture and couture, always chic yet never a slave to trends. Juxtaposing natural elements such as rough-cut gemstones, diamonds and baroque pearls, with delicate details like 24k gold leaf or polished steel, her pieces are innovative and fresh. She designs each and every piece, all with the vision of a woman who is on the go, confident, and who wants style to last. Harper Hallam jewelry is meant to be worn – lived in and loved in. Whether traveling to crystal blue coasts, enjoying the company of friends over cocktails or relaxing casually with family, Harper Hallam jewelry is made for the ambidextrous lifestyle. When it comes to the line’s effortlessly cool collections, the more the merrier. Layer on Rebecca Hallam’s one-of-a-kind pieces to create a look that is incomparably chic. For the less-is- more kind of lady, Harper Hallam designs glow when worn as standalone. 

Rebecca Hallam’s intentions, when she met with a family of artisans while summering in San Miguel, was to update a few of her grandmother’s pieces of jewelry. Armed with sketches of modernized designs, she not only came away from the experience with pieces that redefined classic silhouettes, but the incarnation of Harper Hallam jewelry. The Texas-based designer is influenced by her native Mexico and her brood consisting of husband, teenager and twins. As an entrepreneur, mother and artist with 12 years of design experience, Rebecca collaborates with expert artisans on two continents to craft limited-edition jewelry collections for women just like her.

Meet Tara DePompei


Tara joins Harper Hallam as a partner to serve as Chief Operations Officer (or Chief Executioner as Rebecca likes to call her).  She comes with a legal background and a passion for high-end fashion design (translation obsession and empty wallet, much to the continuing angst of her husband). 

"From Day 1, I knew Tara could help execute the dream of what Harper Hallam can be," says Rebecca Hallam, CEO and Head Designer. "Tara's legal background, combined with her drive, creative spirit and willingness to go the extra mile, not only made me wonder when she slept, but impressed upon me that this was someone who I would want by my side to help take Harper Hallam to the next level."  

Tara hails from outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Wisconsin and a Juris Doctor (cum laude) from Marquette University Law School.  She could be found in the wintertime sporting a leather skirt and knee high boots, while others were in jeans and parkas.  Aware that the climate in Wisconsin was not conducive to her fashion desires and having been an army brat with time in Texas, Kentucky and Virginia, Tara knew that she should head South.  After detours to the United Kingdom and Washington D.C., she landed in Dallas, Texas, where she practiced tax law for about ten years.  

She is happily married to a man who allows her to explore both her volunteer and entrepreneurial spirits with varying degrees of success in household management ( a.k.a household neglect).  Tara has three children, ranging from a teenage son in high school, a teenage girl in middle school and a four-year old son in preschool, and therefore, in her free-time enjoys numerous hours driving around town and tantrums in her home 24/7.  She also has varying amounts of animals in her home as they seem to know a good thing when they see it.  She is active in her church, her children's schools of Jesuit College Preparatory School and St. Monica Catholic School, is a Merit Badge Counselor for her son's Boy Scout Troop, is a member of Legatus with her husband and National Charity League (Mockingbird) with her daughter.       

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