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Harper Hallam is Tradition

Re-introducing Diva Abuelita for Chica Chic

Harper Hallam's newest collection Chica Chic pays homage to Rebecca's earliest influence of Jewelry & Design, her Abuelita, from her childhood on the family ranch in Mexico.

Real Talk With Rebecca & Tara

THE CHICA CHIC COLLECTION • The Roots of Harper Hallam started on Rebecca's family ranch in Mexico with a Woman in a Turban & Kitten Heels

Sleeping in until two o'clock, sauntering around in a long robe and slippers is legit in my genes. Of course,...

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WHY HH GOAL DIGGERS? • Helps us to see that no one has it all figured out

One thing that consistently occurs to me is that women have a shared feeling of not being good enough.  We are all going through something.  There is no question that when we look good, we feel good. No one should be judged for looking good or wanting to look good. But someone else's effort towards their physical appearance does not qualify as a standard to which to compare yourself

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HH APRIL GOAL DIGGER • Elizabeth W proves your pearl might be in an unexpected place. Keep looking for It.

Your pearl might be in a different oyster.  Keep looking! Tara and I are thrilled to feature Harper Hallam's April...

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